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TouchPoint 2016

ICRTouch are thrilled to release the 2016 version of the nation's favourite EPoS software, TouchPoint. The product that was first released in 1999, and probably the most feature rich and flexible EPoS software on the UK market, TouchPoint 2016 sports over 100 new exciting features over the previous 2015 version.

This year ICRTouch have concentrated on enhancing the end user experience with stunning new features such as improved graphics performance and scaling, brand new additional split checks features, efficiency improvements and tidying of floor plan editing, and faster response times for online reservations.

Now you can scan almost any barcode and TouchPoint will use the internet to instantly recognise the product and will let you choose the correct description. 

New features such as will add a whole new method of payment to impress your customers. Providing an online payment method for the customer's bill using their own smartphone or tablet. This will provide a convenient and instant way of splitting a bill between a party at their table without taking up the waiting staff's time. 


Key New Features


We tried with all our might to narrow the list of key new features down to just the most important and exciting ones. However as you can see that proved to be rather difficult this year!


  • The Ability to send messages between terminals (includes across sites).
  • Added the ability to choose which receipt printer will be used. 


  • Added support for multiple graphic logos and a flag that also allows printing of a graphic logo at the bottom of the receipt. 
  • Some small enhancements to program mode which includes clipboard paste text support and better grouping of some of the menus.
  • TouchLoyalty can now be connected using a direct TCP link which makes it easier to run customer loyalty across an estate of sites.


  • Changes made to improve graphics performance on the newer range of Intel Atoms

Remote Socket Interface

  • Improvements made to the Kitchen Video interface for the new TouchKitchen.
  • PocketTouch is now able to see when a sale was last made on a table.

Till Functionality

  • Split checks dialog and functionality surrounding seats and seat numbers have been completely revamped. 
  • Tips button added.
  • Changes made to allow condiment items to be inserted anywhere within the sale.
  • Floorplan changes including new options for default level when entering the floor plan, being able to set the location of the sale based on the current floor plan level, now able to make size adjustments to tables using an external plug in keyboard, table snapping and duplication of the last  table when new table is added.
  • Support for EFT pre-auth's with an appropriate EFT service which supports it. 

Online Services

  • Online table payments through
  • Automated background cloud backups.
  • Uploads finalised table bills to TouchOffice Web.
  • Push notifications support for table reservations.

For some light reading (hmm.. yeah right), why not check out a full list of TouchPoint 2016's new features and visit the New Features section on our website.

Added support for... 

 PioneerPOS CORE-87
 Partnertech PT6315
 Partnertech SP850
 Varipos 715S
 Datavan 715
 Datavan 815
 P2C C-100
 Poindus Posinno 550
 Poindus Posinno 550P
Cash Drawer
 Aures Yuno
 EBN Xpos 755
 Protech PA-6223
 SAM4S Titan 150
 SAM4s Titan 160
 Seiko RP-E10

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