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"TouchPoint is the dog's b******s! laugh"

Bob, Bangor Cash Register Company Ltd

How did Easter Sunday affect sales throughout the UK?

ICRTouch have approximately 100,000 installs across the UK and thousands of EPoS systems connected to TouchOffice Web cloud based back office reporting. From this, ICRTouch look to investigate how sales throughout the UK were affected on Easter Sunday.

From this study, ICRTouch found that Easter greatly increased sales totals (as expected) but also the amount spent per customer greatly increased as well. How much by? Well, Easter saw 21% increase in total revenue from the two regular spring Sundays of 2017 despite sales count only being 15% up on the two spring Sundays of 2017.

This trend was also evident the prior year when Easter saw 23% increase in total revenue from two spring Sundays of 2016 despite sales count only being 14% up on two spring Sundays of 2016.


What you might find surprising is, compared with Mothering Sunday, Easter sales revenue was up both years by 8% and 10%. Both years Mothers day and Easter were mostly dry with slightly colder than average temperatures.

ICRTouch would like to thank all its customers who had a busy Easter, we hope you were well prepared for the extra customers and orders.