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EPoS Systems for Pubs & Bars

What makes ICRTouch the perfect choice of EPoS System for Pubs & Bars?

There are many benefits to enhancing your business with an EPoS system as flexible and feature rich as the ICRTouch range of products. Below, we detail some of those that will specifically benefit the pub & bar trades.

  • Security (click to jump to section)
    • Many methods of staff identification
    • Cash Declaration for managers
    • Remote journal viewing
    • CCTV Journal Overlay
    • Keg/Spirit dispenser monitoring
    • Full Stock Control
    • Remote customer display
  • Speed (click to jump to section)
    •  optimised for speed and minimal key presses
    • keeps a local internal copy of all it’s data which means instant lookups and processing
  • Ease of Use (click to jump to section)
    • extremely easy to use
    • extremely easy to maintain
    • add new products and change prices in a few steps
    • no PC knowledge required
  • Promotional Features (click to jump to section)
    • Publicise upcoming events or promotions
    • Multiple price levels
    • Multi-buy Offers
    • Incentives, up-selling and cross-promotion prompting
  • Reliability (click to jump to section)
    • stable, bug and crash free!
  • Standalone EPoS System  (click to jump to section)
  • ...and more!  (click to jump to section)

ICRTouch products that should be used in a pub or bar:

  • TouchPoint

    This is our award winning state-of-the-art flagship touch screen till software. Effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge, this will form the central part of any ICRTouch EPoS System for a pub or bar.

  • TouchOffice

    This is optional EPoS back office software than can be run on the back office system or home pc and allows you to get extended reports over the standard tilling reports, better stock control and full product file maintenance.

  • PocketTouch

    For pubs that have some table management or a garden; PocketTouch is a digital handheld ordering device that allows your staff to take your till system directly to your customers and allows them to be served without having to visit the bar area.

  • TouchLoyalty

    Offers enhancements to the standard loyalty scheme system already found in TouchPoint; this is especially useful if you run an estate of pubs.  This also offers the ability to run email marketing campaigns.


One of the primary considerations when it comes to investing in an EPoS system for a pub is the matter of security and how to reduce shrinkage from staff theft. ICRTouch TouchPoint has many features to help in the detection and prevention in this area.

Examples are:

  • Many methods of staff identification, to ensure that you can be sure that you know that the correct person was using the till at the time indicated. Methods include; simple pin number, magnetic cards, iButtons, finger prints & RFID cards to name only a few.
  • Cash Declaration for managers. Cash Declaration means that the manager has to count the money in the drawer and tell the till how much is there before an end of day report can be run; the till will then indentify and stamp any differences. This prevents an age old fraud when managers don't register certain sales into the till and then pocket the difference at the end of the trading day.
  • Remote journal viewing. This allows management to remotely view the activity on one of the tills from another till or a remote pc.  This gives you the ability to watch the bar area and to compare what the staff are serving against what they’re actually registering into the till.
  • CCTV Journal Overlay. This gives you the option of having CCTV film the bar area whilst recording till activity overlaid on the video footage.
  • Keg/Spirit dispenser monitoring. This is an excellent system that ensures that each measure of alcohol dispensed coincides with the same item sold at a till. The system is so clever that if a drink is dispensed without being sold it can identify exactly what time this happened and a list of staff that were working at the time.
  • Full Stock Control. Being able to keep track of what should be in stock allows you to easily identify what and how much has left the building without being put through the tilling system.
  • Simple real time stock, levels can be displayed on the screen allowing tracking of high value products
  • Remote customer display, this will display the items being sold and the total of the sale allowing your customer to act as your security checking they are being charged for what has been rung through the till.


TouchPoint has been optimised for speed allowing you to sell your full product range with the minimal amount of key presses TouchPoint has it’s own local internal copy of all it’s data, meaning that product and customer lookups as well as end of sale processing all happen instantly.

Ease of Use

It's all very well having the cleverest EPoS system in the world, but there's little point if you cannot make use of it. This is especially relevant in a pub that may have a high turnover of young staff. ICRTouch's TouchPoint point of sale software has been designed to be extremely easy to use and equally easy to maintain; adding new products and changing prices on the pub touch screen till is extremely simple and only a matter of a few steps that even the most technically averse can manage, you do not need to know how to work a PC in order to operate an ICRTouch EPoS touch screen till system.

Images can be used on the keys rather than text making the training of new staff especially non native speakers a simple operation

Promotional Features

Customer advertising screen allowing you to publicise upcoming events or promotions.  The advertising screen can also show current sale information allowing people to easily see that the staff are registering what they are serving.

The ability to define multiple price levels for happy hours, events or functions etc, which can be automated and scheduled or manually changed.

Multi buy offers can be controlled by TouchPoint making sure drinks that should be paid for are;  for example the bar touch screen till system will automatically manage buy 1 get 1 free drinks promotions and adjust sales and stock levels accordingly, removing the opportunity for staff to perform the ‘get 1 free’ aspect of it on their own.

The ability to link promotional items to your staff reports allows you to offer incentives for the sale of these products.  For example if you have some bottled beer that you need to shift quick, the till can tell you which staff member sold the most thus encouraging them to promote it.


ICRTouch embedded Windows CE till systems are solid state, with no fans or hard drives. ICRTouch is one of, if not the, most stable, bug and crash free EPoS till software products on the market. It has had more than a decade in development and use and over 80,000 licenses in daily use.

Standalone EPoS System

TouchPoint can run on it's own without the need for a server, connection to the internet or the back office PC meaning that no more space is required than the space taken up by the cash drawer.  With less necessary components in the system comes enhanced reliability as there’s less chance for something to go wrong, furthermore even in a system of tills each EPoS terminal can still operate on it’s own in the event of a network failure or failure of another point of sale terminal.  All operations, including programming and configuration are handled on screen meaning that you have no need for a keyboard or mouse stashed under the bar area.

Other features of ICRTouch that will be of interest to you

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Bar tab management
  • Table management
  • Online table booking and table reservations


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