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"We’re now able to use the receipts we give to all our customers as a powerful marketing tool.   It’s fun for customers, easy for staff and gives me the information to give my customers more of what they love, so that they come back again and again"

Houman Meshkati, Owner, Amici Restaurants

Summer's around the corner, is the time right to extend your bar into the garden?

Perhaps not literally, but many EPoS Systems available today also have the option to equip the system with handheld mobile waiter terminals.  Traditionally these have been incredibly popular on the continent, in recent years the UK has began catching on fast.

Imagine being able to spend time outside talking to your customers, getting an idea of how they feel about your staff and business, getting to know them ... and then, before moving on to your next customer you ask them "Would you like me to organise you some more drinks?", they gratefully accept and so you reach for your PocketTouch order pad rapidly key in their requirements, print a receipt out from your bluetooth belt printer and take payment.  Allowing you to thank them for their business before moving on to the next customer.  The rest of the process is handled efficiently by the EPoS system; printing the order out behind the bar for the waiters, updating the sales and stock figures.

Now imagine being the customer; in the garden wanting another drink or maybe something from the dessert menu, but can you be bothered to go inside and queue up at the bar?  Customers that are served in this way, will not only buy more but will return more often too.

Of course if you also run a restaurant during the evening then the same waiter pads can normally be used to electronically sell items straight at the table automatically updating table balances and outputting to the kitchen system.

Colin Ringer, ICRTouch CEO says "Many customers find that summer is a great time to try out our PocketTouch systems.  They are probably more affordable than you think and will very rapidly pay for themselves by opening up increased revenue opportunities to your business"