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Case Studies

Sorted Surf Shop

The Sorted Surf Shop in Boscombe, Dorset, uses TouchStock and staff are happy to recommend it to you. One year after implementing the system Manager Sam says it's made a real difference.

He says TouchStock makes it much easier to maintain accurate stock levels. Stock taking has become easier at the shop and so has receiving and processing new deliveries. Sam says "TouchStock's cut down on the time spent counting stock allowing me to concentrate on selling stock. It's simple to use and reliable".

Raj’s Premier Store

Mr Kumar runs Raj's Store on the Isle of Wight. It is part of Premier, one of the UK's leading symbol groups which has over 2,500 stores nationwide.

Mr Kumar introduced TouchOffice in 2004. He wanted peace of mind and the ability to run mini stocktakes on high value items (including cigarettes and spirits). TouchOffice replaced a somewhat less precise system involving "paper lists and pricing guns" and look-at-it-and-see stock control.

Baldwins Department Stores

Kevin Baldwin is MD at Baldwins Department Stores, which has four branches in Suffolk. He’s been using TouchLoyalty for about 15 months and he’s delighted with what the firm’s been able to achieve, building strong relationships with its customers. He says customers have “really got on board with TouchLoyalty. They get email offers, sale offers and discount vouchers” aimed uniquely at them and it makes them feel privileged.

The Jaws Takeaway

Mr Michaelides runs The Jaws fish and chip shop in Plymouth, Devon and he's been using TouchKitchen for about a year.

Before introducing the software staff simply shouted food orders through to the kitchen.

Mr Michaelides says TouchKitchen has eliminated missed orders and made the journey from fryer to plate a breeze. Orders are accurate and thanks to TouchKitchen business at The Jaws is more efficient.

The Jaws fish and chip shop

Ryde School

Ryde School, Isle of Wight has been using TouchAbacus for 2 years. It replaced tickets for free school meals and simple cash registers. Becky White says the biggest benefit has been accuracy because all products are listed on the terminal. It’s also given more control over what pupils can buy. For Becky, speed’s an advantage of using TouchAbacus too because eliminating cash has improved service time.

The George Hotel

The Michelin Star Restaurant at The George Hotel, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight offers B&B, lunch, dinner and a bar in beautiful historic surroundings.

The 17th Century town house uses PocketTouch and manager Adrian is happy to recommend ICRTouch's revolutionary paperless system to you. Serving staff at The George used to take orders by hand, before entering them into the till.

With PocketTouch, Adrian says service is faster and there has been a reduction in the “huge amount of walking” from tables to tills. He also credits PocketTouch with improving communication.