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W&S Recycling uses ICRTouch from County EPOS

Partner Name: County EPOS Ltd
Area: Nationwide
Contact: 01202 331510

The Customer - W&S Recycling

W&S Recycling currently operate and manage HWRC’s (Household Waste Recycling Centre) throughout Great Britain, partnering with local councils.

Whether you need a scrap car collecting or to dispose of household waste at a local HWRC, W&S Recycling are committed to servicing your requirements. Considerable experience and expertise covering all waste streams ensures that W&S Recycling can provide tailor made solutions for all market sectors.

W&S Recycling currently operate 11 sites across Dorset and Oxfordshire and services offered include:

  • Aluminium/steel can recycling
  • Cardboard recycling or disposal
  • Confidential paper shredding
  • ELV - End of Live Vehicle disposal
  • Glass recycling
  • Metal (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Paper
  • Soft Plastic recycling

There is also a community shop located at head office that sells pre-loved and up-cycled goods.

The Challenge

When customers arrive at the recycling centre, they need to be able to pay upfront for disposal before they can enter site and discard their items in the appropriate area. On arrival, waste needs to be declared to the entry staff, who must assess the various waste streams and calculate the cost for disposal. Staff need the flexibility to walk around and inspect goods on or within vehicles, and take payment from the customer prior to allowing access to site.

The Solution

W&S Recycling chose County EPOS because they wanted to work with a great EPoS provider that was also local to them to benefit from great support, but also be able to provide for their sites that were further afield.

County EPOS supplied rugged tablets running PocketTouch mobile ordering software for the arrival staff, linked back to a TouchPoint till for each of the 11 sites. One of the larger sites was supplied with 2 x PocketTouch rugged tablets. PocketTouch quickly and easily allows staff to roam freely around the arrivals to verify customer goods, and then enter the products into the sale. The arrival staff can take cash payments, or credit cards using a mobile EFT device connected via bluetooth for secure payments.

Head Office can keep an eye on sales in real-time and view historical data for all sites either individually or at a grouped site or head office level using ICRTouch's TouchOffice Web cloud based back office software. Managers don't even need to be in the office to access sales information, the cloud based system can be accessed from any web enabled device from anywhere in the world.

The second phase links an online booking service built in to the local council's website to allow customers to pre-book their delivery and send the information down to the handheld PocketTouch devices via ICRTouch webshop integration services. This allows the site to know in advance when to expect deliveries of certain types of waste, and details of the customer who will be dropping it off. The customer is also informed of the cost of the disposal at the time they make the booking. On arrival, staff can quickly retrieve the information that had been entered online and ask the customer to pay the required amount.

To find out more about W&S Recycling see their website at

To find out more about County EPOS see their website at

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