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When offered the change to ICRtouch I decided to go with it. The cost of this exercise was inexpensive as the hardware was fully compatible with ICRtouch. I have also added a hand held device on a tablet which we use to take orders at the table. This has meant greater efficiency to use as we only have two terminals. All in all the move has been very positive

Frederic Lambert - La Pesa Trattoria Italian Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

Watford FC chooses premiership partners County EPOS and ICRTouch for their Hospitality Suite

Partner Name: County EPOS Ltd
Area: Nationwide
Contact: 01202 331510

The Customer - Watford FC and Centreplate UK

Centreplate UK run the Hospitality Suite at Watford FC - The 1881 Club; their ethos is that matchday hospitality is about excellent customer service and high-quality food. Centreplate UK create bespoke, rotating menus using locally sourced ingredients to create classic, uncomplicated dishes, supported by well-trained and knowledgeable service staff. Enhancing the overall hospitality experience within their venues is a challenge and is achieved through exceptional catering and working closely in partnership with their clients to develop the best offer for a particular hospitality lounge.


The Challenge

The current EPoS solution was hard to use, and resulted in frequent bill queries throughout an event - tieing up staff and slowing down service. After witnessing how the system was used during matchday, the commercial director immediately called in County EPOS based on recommendations from other premiership hospitality venues. The call came in on Tuesday 15th December requesting if they could get a new system installed by next match day kick-off on the 20th December, for the Watford vs Liverpool game. This was an extremely short timeframe to install all the equipment, program the menu, and train the staff - with site access restricted on certain days.

The EPoS solution also needed to be easy for staff to re-program when the menus changed, and intuitive to use so that there were less mistakes at the till.


The Solution

3 x EBN EPoS Terminals running TouchPoint

30 x PocketTouch handheld on Android order pads

1x Wireless Router


The Result

ICRTouch's TouchPoint EPoS Software was chosen for the tills, it is intuitive and easy to program, linked with PocketTouch order pads to increase efficiency and accuracy of orders taken at the table.

By the 17th December the 3 x EBN EPoS terminals were programmed and ready to be installed that day along with the wireless router. The wireless router was installed in the suspended ceiling above the centre of the restaurant, which provided the best wi-fi coverage for the handheld PocketTouch order pads. Due to the short notice, the order pads would not arrive until Friday, so all programming had to be done without them. There was also no access to the stadium on Saturday, so the PocketTouch order pads would need to be installed during the earlier hours of matchday. An early start on the Sunday meant that the entire solution was installed and ready to go when the staff arrived at 9:00am, allowing an hour and a half to train the staff on a system they had not used before.

County EPOS had their top staff and Engineers on hand to smoothly assist the staff with the new system during their first extremely high profile day using it. 

The Watford and Centerplate staff were over the moon and full of praise for the system and the support provided by County EPOS. The PocketTouch order pads completely changed the order taking process for the staff, allowing orders to instantly and accurately print at the kitchen or bar for preparation, speeding up service and allowing staff to quickly service other VIP guests.


To learn more about County EPOS visit their website -

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