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Awesome software by the way, this customer is really picky over how a till should work and so far I've been able to find a solution for everything they've challenged me with.

They've thrown out 3 other systems (from other dealers) over the years because they had some failings or features missing that they wanted. But they're really enjoying getting ICRTouch working how they want it to!

Posted on the support forum by Steve Gibbon - Owner, abiTECH Solutions

Ryde School

Ryde School, Isle of Wight has been using TouchAbacus for 2 years. It replaced tickets for free school meals and simple cash registers. Becky White says the biggest benefit has been accuracy because all products are listed on the terminal. It’s also given more control over what pupils can buy. For Becky, speed’s an advantage of using TouchAbacus too because eliminating cash has improved service time.

Does Becky recommend TouchAbacus? Absolutely! It’s helped with administration, given the parents more control and removed the stigma surrounding free school meals. Plus she says meal sales have increased.

Ryde School