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Awesome software by the way, this customer is really picky over how a till should work and so far I've been able to find a solution for everything they've challenged me with.

They've thrown out 3 other systems (from other dealers) over the years because they had some failings or features missing that they wanted. But they're really enjoying getting ICRTouch working how they want it to!

Posted on the support forum by Steve Gibbon - Owner, abiTECH Solutions

McLaren Mercedes Hospitality truck

Formula One racing travels through five continents each racing season. It is the premier motor racing league, attracting the best drivers, engineers and designers. Teams spend vast sums and continually develop the latest technology to gain a minute competitive edge over their rivals.

Teams arrive in style with vast amounts of top of the range equipment transported to each race, personnel being flown in by helicopter and flocks of fans, photographers and reporters close behind looking to get the latest scoop.

McLaren brings the luxury lifestyle on the road with their state of the art hospitality truck, which brings the transformers to life with its stellar size and appearance, boasting a pop-up restaurant. (as below)

McLaren Racing hospitality truck

Such a grand restaurant for VIPs and the team sponsor’s guests require software to impress. We are proud that our valued reseller Wedderburn supply ICRTouch products on the McLaren hospitality truck, namely our flagship EPoS product TouchPoint and our handheld food-ordering software PocketTouch, providing a seamless, reliable, impressive service to their important clientele. 

McLaren Racing hospitality truck