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Awesome software by the way, this customer is really picky over how a till should work and so far I've been able to find a solution for everything they've challenged me with.

They've thrown out 3 other systems (from other dealers) over the years because they had some failings or features missing that they wanted. But they're really enjoying getting ICRTouch working how they want it to!

Posted on the support forum by Steve Gibbon - Owner, abiTECH Solutions

La Pesa Trattoria Italian Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

Partner Name: HostPos
Area: Australia
Contact: +61 (0) 294035661

The Customer

Frederic Lambert, owner of La Pesa Trattoria, persued his life long dream of running a restaurant after a career in Marketing and Business Development in New York, and Paris. He moved to Sydney, Australia and took over ownership of La Pesa Trattoria a traditional Italian restaurant serving authentic Milanese food. The previous owners were an Italian couple who had built up a loyal following after moving from Milan many years ago. Since Frederic has taken over ownership, the restaurant has expended to include a function room for 30+ guests and a cosy wine bar for those long easy evenings.


The Challenge

New to the hospitality industry Frederic continued to use the EPoS systems already in place within the restaurant from when he took over ownership. The existing system was slow and unstable, causing problems for customers and staff alike, often with long and unecessary waits by customers causing queues and slow service leading to less happy customers. The system was also awkward to use, and had no provision for table service; Frederic needed a new EPoS platform that would unleash the full potential of his business.


The Solution

HostPos implemented ICRTouch's TouchPoint software directly onto the customer's existing Point of Sale hardware, keeping the upgrade costs to a minimum. Portable android based tablets running ICRTouch's PocketTouch were added to improve the table ordering service.

The customer found the new software extremely easy to program, and he no longer faced the battle of daily software freezes that kept customers waiting. The PocketTouch waiter pads provided a much more efficient table ordering process, allowing orders placed at the table to be printed accurately and quickly in the kitchen, without holding up sales at the till.

The new cloud based reporting and stock control package, TouchOffice Web, allowed the customer to keep an eye on the business live, in real-time from any internet connected device; a mobile phone is ideal and is Frederic's new preffered choice for seeing live sales, searching through dates for revenue information and find out what items have been popular.



Frederic Lambert says:

"When offered the change to ICRTouch I decided to go with it. The cost of this exercise was inexpensive as the hardware was fully compatible with ICRTouch. 

I have also added a hand held device on a tablet which we use to take orders at the table. This has meant greater efficiency to use as we only have two terminals.

All in all the move has been very positive"