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The Fish House, Fleetwood - Mobo Innovations

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The Customer:

The Richardson family first became involved in the Fleetwood fishing industry in the early 1920’s, working as fishermen on the trawlers, then establishing a fish wholesale business and now running an award winning fish & chip takeaway and restaurant.

The Challenge:

The Fish House needed a reliable and cost effective EPOS solution that could handle both takeaway, delivery and table service operation. The system had to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, help drive sales  and provide the business owner with a clear view of his business.

The Solution:

A combination of ICRTouch products integrated with the mobo2go online meal ordering system provided a flexible solution that ticked all the boxes.

In the Takeaway

Each staff member logs onto the EPOS terminals using their own fob which provides fast and secure operation. In the takeaway, two touchscreen EPOS terminals facilitate a quick counter service and are configured to prompt staff to upsell at every opportunity.

A caller-id device connects the EPOS terminals to the phone line, enabling telephone orders to be handled quickly and efficiently. The system automatically checks incoming telephone numbers against the customer database, enabling staff to quickly recall the customer details. If a new customer calls, the postcode lookup feature helps staff quickly add the customers delivery address.

In the Restaurant

In the restaurant, orders can be rung through the Touch Screen EPOS terminal or at the table using a 7” Android tablet. The handheld order terminal provides a fast, efficient service with drinks orders sent straight through to the drinks printer and food orders sent to the food printer in the takeaway. Another benefit of handheld ordering is that ordered items go straight onto the customers bill. The intuitive graphical table plan gives staff a clear view of the restaurant and helps staff manage tables more efficiently.

In the Cloud

Introducing an online meal ordering service (collection & delivery) has helped improve customer service and provided a powerful marketing tool to drive sales. Customers can order and pay directly from the Fish House website, with the order being sent directly into the in-store EPOS system and printed out on the order printers.

Online ordering enables customers to order in their own time, ensures there are no mistakes and is proven to increase average transaction values. Online ordering reduces telephone orders which is inefficient from a business perspective. Online ordering has helped the Fish House build a customer marketing database and the use of online voucher codes has proved a great way to drive sales.

At any time and from anywhere with an internet connection, the business owner can logon to Touch office web and check how the business is performing. Up to the minute sales information enables any problems to be addressed as they happen rather than at end of shift or the next day. The powerful drill down feature means that within a couple of clicks the actual journal receipt can be displayed.

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What the owner, Chris Richardson, has to say:

“Before having our EPOS system installed we had members of staff that were not always actively up-selling. We also had quite a few mistakes being made when taking orders in the restaurant – lost or illegible handwritten order dockets.

When speaking with our technology supplier, I explained that we would like (need) to make improvements in the efficiency and performance of staff. Jonathan explained how the EPOS software could benefit us and how easy it would be for the staff to use. With us already having an online ordering site via Mobo2go we wanted the same layout with the same menu options for all departments, so we integrated the online ordering with the tills.

Within a couple of hours of having the system installed the staff where already up-selling with ease, prompted by the EPOS system. We introduced a competition between staff for who had sold the most (because I could see each employees transactions and totals via touch office web). This led to the introduction of a bonus scheme for who sold the most on both individual days and weekly- boosting staff morale and increased turnover.

In the restaurant, certain members of staff where initially not so sure about using the handheld device but they soon saw the benefits of only having to enter the order once at the table. We now have virtually no errors on orders in the restaurant and we have seen an increase in staff efficiency towards customers as they no longer have to keep going back to the tills to input orders. This part of the system has been a blessing in disguise - zero mistakes, staff efficiency, greater turnover!! Win Win.

The introduction of telephone number recognition and postcode look up was a revelation. When a customer calls, we know who is calling and can answer the phone in a friendlier manner - "good afternoon Steve what would you like today". The first time this happened a customer was freaked out that we knew who he was! Now the reaction is very good as our customers feel a lot more valued. This coupled with the postcode look up make the transaction a lot quicker as we no longer need to write down the address. All this information is stored on our EPOS database, enabling us to run marketing campaigns.

What more can I say, I have joked many a time that we are probably the most technical Fish & Chip shop in the country but with all these systems in place it has made the shop more efficient and helped us be voted No1 in the North-West 2013 & 2014 and Top 5 in the country on both occasions and voted the UK's NO1 for sustainability 2014.”

Technology Used In the Takeaway:

  • 2 x VariPOS 715 touchscreen EPOS terminals running TouchPoint software
  • 2 x thermal receipt / order printer
  • Caller-id Device & Postcode lookup

Technology Used In the Restaurant:

  • 1 x VariPOS 715 touchscreen EPOS terminals running TouchPoint software
  • 1 x thermal receipt / order printer
  • PocketTouch Android handheld ordering

mobo2go online meal ordering.jpg

In the Cloud:

  • mobo2go online takeaway ordering system (web & mobile)
  • Touch office web reporting