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Derby Manor Hotel upgrade their EPoS with CCM and ICRTouch

Partner Name: CCM EPOS
Area: Southern
Contact: 01202 302666

The Customer

Derby Manor Hotel & Restaurant provides a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere where every room has been designed and decorated to the highest standard. Complete with an exclusive Restaurant and Bar that allows you to enjoy good conversation with friends, family and guests.

Derby Manor also offer wedding services for that intimate wedding experience with planning services, the wedding service itself, the wedding breakfast and evening entertainment all available. In addition, the hotel offers driving experiences and prestige car hire from a range of high performance and luxury cars.

The Challenge

The owners of Derby Manor Hotel had acquired the site of a rundown hotel which required a total refurbishment.

The hotel also needed an EPoS solution that would cope with all the needs of the newly refurbished luxury hotel and a fine dining restaurant. The solution also needed to be able to interact with the hotel management system so that food and beverage purchases could be posted directly into customer's rooms to be paid for at check-out time. Due to the nature of the owners' existing businesses, they required the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world to check sales and update the system's program.


2 x Varipos 715 running TouchPoint

2 x Receipt Printers

1 x Kitchen Printer

Link to Resident Pro - Hotel Management Software

TouchOffice Web

After and in-depth consultation with the owners of Derby Manor CCM EPOS were able to offer the ideal solution comprising two EPoS terminals running ICRTouch's TouchPoint each with local thermal printers and a remote kitchen printer.TouchOffice Web, ICRTouch's cloud based back office software, allowed the owners to access both historical and real-time sales data and make menu and price changes from anywhere in the world through their Internet connected devices.

The ICRTouch TouchPoint EPoS interfaces seamlessly with their hotel management system - Resident Pro allowing food and beverage transactions to be posted directly onto the hotel guests room account.

The staff and management have been professionally trained in the use of the system, giving them complete control over their day to day operations, with the ability to make changes as and when needed. CCM continue to be on hand incase any more in depth questions or changes are required.

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