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Crocodiles of the World - the UK's only crocodile zoo

Partner Name: Aztec Services
Area: Oxfordshire and surrounding areas
Contact: 07885 081958

The Customer - Crocodiles of the World

Crocodiles of the World is the UK's only crocodile zoo and conservation centre, set within the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Crocodiles of the World is an experience unlike any other. There is the opportunity to see a wide collection of crocodiles, alligators and caimans: over 100 individuals representing more than 12 species. The Crocodiles of the World Foundation is a charitable organisation which receives Gift Aid donations on admissions tickets, and also provides a retail shop for souvenirs and has an onsite cafe for refreshments.

Crocodiles of the World Customer Mission Statement

To inspire in our visitors a respect and understanding for the crocodiles. The aim is to stimulate public awareness about crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials, and open people's eyes to the incredible nature of crocodiles, and spark curiosity and awareness for the future. We encourage people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life to get involved and learn about these amazing animals. By dispelling the myth that crocodiles are vermin, or a dangerous nuisance, we can make the world a more compassionate place for crocodiles.

The Challenge

The crocodile zoo and conservation centre is a popular destination that accepts Gift Aid donations as part of the ticket entry. Gift Aid requires collection of customer's details, so that a report can be created to claim back the right amount of tax for each customer. The customer's contact and address details need to be correct, and also the amount against the respective entrance ticket spend needs to be correct.

The whole process requires a lot of manual work to create the report accurately, and Crocodiles of the World need to cut down the work load, save time at the tills and reduce queues so that the maximum Gift Aid money can be received and re-invested enabling all of the charities objectives to be fulfilled. There is also a retail shop selling merchandise and gifts, along with a cafe which all need to be handled seamlessly by the same EPoS solution.

The Technology

Aztec Services supplied and programmed all* the equipment including:-

  • 2x Sam4S EPoS terminals with MSR readers at the main desk, running TouchPoint with integrated EFT from Sage Pay and Sam4S thermal printers
  • 2x Sam4S EPoS terminals with MSR readers in the shop and cafe area, running TouchPoint with integrated EFT from Sage Pay and Sam4S thermal printers
  • Integrated Gift Aid service
  • TouchOffice Web cloud based backoffice

(*Crocodiles supplied by COTW)

The Result

The new TouchPoint EPoS system has increased the efficiency of the front desk through the intuitive and easy to use interface. The ultra fast integrated EFT solution from Sage Pay allows credit card payments to be made accurately, and the contactless feature speeds payments and reduces customer queuing times.

The new automated Gift Aid solution saves time when capturing customer information and automatically creates reports so that Crocodiles of the World can claim back the tax entitlement on the donations or entry tickets. Approximately 40 hours per month has been saved, which equates to substantial annual savings in wages which can be put directly back in to the charity.

TouchOffice Web, the cloud based back office allows management to see historical revenue reports or real time information for both the main desks selling entrance tickets and also for the retail shop and cafe takings. Price adjustments, menu changes in the cafe and new merchandise in the gift shop can all be programmed remotely through TouchOffice Web, from any web enabled device. TouchOffice Web also takes care of stock analysis and supplier management, allowing staff to concentrate on meeting the charities objectives.


The full ICRTouch solution has left Crocodiles of the World with an EPoS system that has streamlined their business, reduced queuing times which has increased customer satisfaction and saved both time and resources which have been able to be put straight back into the charitable foundation.

Customer Testimonial 

ICRTouch Gift Aid runs very smoothly in the background and has enabled us to efficiently collect valuable funding for the charity while saving substantial amounts of staff costs.

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