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Bristol Council and Caffe Gusto take CollectionPoint with LBS

Partner Name: Linden Business Systems
Area: Bristol and surrounding Area
Contact: 0800 0213334

The Customer - Bristol City Council & Caffe Gusto

Caffe Gusto is a chain of cafés and coffee shops with 9 outlets in Bristol, London and Surrey. A long standing customer of LBS using touch screen tills and EPoS systems in their very busy cafés and coffee shops. As part of a multi-million pound refurbishment of the Bristol City Council offices, Caffe Gusto won the contract to provide services for the onsite coffee shop. Due to the great service, support and innovation provided over the years, Caffe Gusto turned to LBS to provide for their new outlet within the council buildings.

The Challenge

The operation required the ability to service a high number of customers sometimes in a short period of time, so the system needs to be robust, easy to use and efficient. To speed up queuing times, customers need to be able to queue up and place their orders and pay for their items and any products that are then made to order. To save time and staffing costs, customers collect their orders from the counter once their items are ready so a system was required that allowed customers to easily keep track of their order and be able to see when it was completed.

The Solution

LBS provided two complete EPoS systems to service customer orders, complete with thermal printers, customer displays and two large screens for customers to see their order status.

  • 2 x LindenPos-2 running ICRTouch TouchPoint with 10inch customer facing displays and thermal printers.
  • 2 x PSConnect integrated to TouchPoint EFT solution
  • 2 x large wall mounted displays
  • ICRTouch CollectionPoint software

The TouchPoint till system is intuitive to use, with easily adaptable screens, buttons, colours, products and prices; this allows for quicker transactions, minimal staff training and increased customer satisfaction because orders can be processed faster with reduced queuing times. The integrated EFT solution means credit card payments take less than a minute, streamlining the payment process. Orders are seamlessly sent to the preparation area so that staff can prepare coffee and meals, with the order also displayed on the large customer facing displays running the CollectionPoint software.

CollectionPoint shows the customer's orders on the screen under the "pending" column, so that a customer can see how far down the queue they are. They also get an average wait time shown based on how quickly previous orders have been completed. Once the order is ready, a large message pings on the screen to notify the customer and then the ticket moves to the "collection" column. The solution also has the option for customers to view their status online using an optional unique URL on the receipt.

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