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Our previous supplier failed to deliver the promises they had made and we now have a seamless, reliable system across our 4 sites with full customer loyalty and a cloud based back office. I’m now able to view sales across all locations in real time and my managers have access to data specific to them.

Beyond The Standard - Customising Your EPoS

Your flagship ICRTouch TouchPoint EPoS System has unrivalled flexibility with over 1500 configurable features and a built in scripting engine. The scripting engine allows for limitless customisations to suit the needs of even the most unique of businesses, from small tweaks to bespoke integration.

Ask your ICRTouch Partner to add new features or customise existing ones through scripts written just for you. 

Our Partner network is here to help, and here are a few examples of how they have:



Partner Name: Weigh-Till
Area: Leicestershire
Contact: 01455 617227

Room Subsidy


The customer runs a members club with a function room that can be hired out for special events, which includes a bar facility for the attendees. The facility can be hired out to members and non-members alike; they sell all drinks when a function room is hired by Non-Members with a 10p surcharge. The customer wanted to do this without the extra overhead of maintaining a second price against each product sold in the bar.

The extra sales need to appear on the EPoS reports separately so that the club committee can easily see how much extra they made when the room was hired out to a non-member.


A script was created to count the number of items in a sale and sell an additional "Room Subsidy" product at 10p for each item found in the sale.

This process easily added the product surcharge without needing to modify a separate price level list. The committee could also see the number of items sold and the value of "Room Subsidy" sales for non-members.



Dealer: Positality

Indian Restaurant and Takeaway Conundrum


An Indian Restaurant also runs a takeaway service; there is a 15% discount on the takeaway food menu. The customer may arrive early to collect their food, and want to enjoy a drink whilst they wait. The drink is not part of the takeaway food menu, so not subject to the discount, and needs to be paid for at the same time as all the other takeaway items. The customer may also have forgotten food items from the order such as naan bread which needs to be added on to the order, have the 15% discount applied and paid for at the same time.


A script was created which signs on a temporary customer account which runs a 15% discount scheme against certain products, the ones in the takeaway menu.

For a takeaway order the script picks the next free Tab over 100 (this means the chef is not confused with the restaurant table numbers).

When the customer arrives early and orders drinks, the Tab is re-opened and intelligently works out whether 15% needs to be applied (for food) or not (for drinks).



Dealer: Positality

Stock Taker Assistant

A large number of pubs employ an external Stock Taker. The Stock Taker would like to easily see where all the stock has gone which has not been sold, eg Ullage, Wastage, Staff etc.

This can be done by simply using built in features with price levels labelled for Staff, Wastage, Sales etc. The Operator then sets the price level, ring the items through the till for the given category and use a standard 100% discount key (or 50% for staff food & drink).

Result - The Stock Taker gets a nice breakdown in the reports.

Sometimes staff would ring up the items, hit the price level button (for the next items) and then apply the discount! This meant the items were going through as a standard sale, but at 0 price and therefore diluting the sales figures.


A script was created to make the process user proof to prevent the staff applying the discount if items had been rung through prior to the price level change. The items in the sale are checked and if any Standard Price items are found you get a message saying "Sorry, you must apply the discount type first. Hit Cancel and try again!"

As a bonus when you use the "staff" price level another script kicks in and assigns a customer account tracking all staff sales under their own account name for easy monitoring.



Dealer: CCM EPOS
Area: Dorset and South Coast
Telephone: 01202 302666

Fast Food Meal Deal


A fast food restaurant sells a meal deal that consists of a whole chicken, a choice of 2 sides, 2 sauces and 2 drinks. This can easily be achieved through standard features using of Set Menu or Mix and Match deals. These perform the function perfectly, but you rely on the the till operator to only sell 2 of each deal item or you have to show the same list of sides twice. A slight tweak to the operation of the list menus to choose a specific number of items from each list before moving on to the next was wanted to make it easier for the staff and prevent overloading the deal with side orders.


Using a script meant that all separate lists could be brought up and navigated easily with control over the options selected from each one. Giving a slightly different experience than normal that suited the customer's way of operating their business.



Dealer: BS Systems
Area: Scotland
Tel: 0131 4557474

Go Large! Automatic Upgrade


A coffee shop sells drinks in two different sizes -regular or large. The customer wanted an option when someone asks for a regular coffee that the till will display a message prompting the staff to ask if they would like to upgrade to a large coffee. By going large, the regular coffee needs to be removed and replaced with a large coffee without any additional key presses, making the process quick and easy.


A script was created that will pop up a message prompting to go large when a regular coffee is registered in the sale, then it will act on the answer - either continue with the regular size or sell the large instead.