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AFC Bournemouth

Partner Name: County EPOS Ltd
Area: Nationwide
Contact: 01202 331510

The Customer - AFC Bournemouth

AFC Bournemouth are an existing customer of County EPOS where they had supplied their retail unit with 5 top of the range Panasonic touch screen EPoS terminals, integrated omni-directional scanners and back office stock control software, the shop at AFC Bournemouth has a complete ICRTouch retail EPoS solution.

After the success of the retail EPoS solution, AFC Bournemouth approached County EPOS to update their cash registers in the Hospitality area and around the concourse. A complete refit was required to update their robust cash registers to modern TouchScreen EPoS system, that not only provided all the features and speed of a modern EPoS system but also stand up to the rigours of half time trading.

Technology Used


  • 14 x EBN touch screen terminals with TouchPoint around 5 suites and restaurants.
  • 23 x Samsung tablets running PocketTouch to service the top floor restaurant and the boxes
  • 2 x Kitchen printers
  • TouchOffice Web


  • 38 x EBN touch screen terminals with TouchPoint around 9 concourse bars
  • TouchOffice Web

The Result

ICRTouch's TouchPoint EPoS Software was chosen for the tills, it is inuitive and remote programming is easy with TouchOffice Web cloud based back office software. The simple and easy to use layout of the till means that staff can serve customer's quickly and stress free without needing to learn a complicated system. Built on proven technology, the reliability of both the ICRTouch software and the terminals provided by County EPOS easily cope with the onslaught of half time fans wanting a quick drink during the short break. The integrated EFT solution using PSConnect makes contactless credit card payments easy, processing payments take on average 20 seconds and reduce queuing times to keep customers happy.

TouchOffice Web allows managers to keep an eye on stock through the various locations and provide easy re-ordering with suppliers, as well as keeping an eye on sales figures in real-time during a game. Historical reporting allows managers to work out how much stock they need for each game, whether it is a big premier league match or for the juniors.

The hospitality area is fully equipped with ICRTouch's PocketTouch order pads, allowing premier league service for VIPs and guests. Orders are taken at the table, and sent directly to the food and drink preparation areas allow staff to stay on the floor to service more customers. The integrated PayAtTable EFT solution using PSConnect allows tables to paid directly at the table so there is no need to get up and go to a pay point ot pay by card.

To learn more about County EPOS visit their website -

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