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"ICRTouch helps to turn crazy ideas into sensible reality!"

Stephen, ICR Systems

Meet the Team - Key Staff

colin.jpgColin Ringer - CEO and Co-Founder

I'm a software developer. I have been since I was 8 years old. I've developed, co-developed and guided the development of more than 150 applications and utilities. Since 1997 I have designed, installed, configured and repaired EPoS systems. My language of choice is C++ but I also work in C, .Net, Pascal/Delphi, Assembly, Basic, Java, php and just about every scripting language that's ever existed. I develop for a wide range of platforms; primarily Windows but also Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Micro controllers, Web, some IOS & Symbian. I have a special affinity with working with anything that's embedded.

ICRTouch began as a small scale project when I worked at a firm that made touch screen tills. It has now become a global EPoS brand which sells 10s of thousands of licenses every year and hosts an extensive product suite and services for every situation.

james.jpgJames Johnson - Chief Technology Officer

I started messing around with my Commodore C64 when I was young. In college I began using Pascal. I gained a BSc in computing before working in retail and hospitality. I was able to gain experience in back-of-house operations in a pub chain and for a multi-national retailer. I began working at ICRTouch after begging for a job in 2003. I started here in technical support but within months I was handed the source code to TouchOffice.

I'm self taught in C and I have experience in writing C++ with a focus on back-office applications on windows. I have used Ada, prolog, Cobol, Java and a little bit of Assembly. Oh and I enjoy cycling to work too.

steve.jpgSteve Glasbey - Senior Developer

Steve has been so busy recently making sure that our Feature Development department is running as smoothly and efficiently as it should do that he's had no time to write his staff bio.  As a result we've had to do one for him. However as he is somewhat of an enigma, this is all we know about him:

He is the result of a selective breeding experiment run in the 1980s on the Isle of Wight designed to produce a new kind of super geek. When it came to education he decided to go his own way, choosing to attend the Isle of Wight School of Farming before going to university to study concentric crop circles.  His first attempt at trying to get gainful employment saw him get as far as auditioning for The Big Bang theory only to be rejected for being too nerdy. It was a move that turned out to be their loss and our gain. During his 2 year induction to ICRTouch he was planted to work undercover in a large national company to get a better grip on how people interact with one another.

He seems to spend his spare time brewing beer and dismantling working things in thousands of part in order to see how they work; cars being a particular favourite of his.

colin.jpgChris Newte - Business Development Director

Whilst technology design and implementation has been a large part of my life for many years, I now find myself looking through the window from the other side.

After acheiving a Masters degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of York, I started working for an international telecomms company. Starting in support I improved both software design and hardware integration skills as well as learning how to help customers who were under pressure themselves. I later progressed through various team leader and management roles, and on to project management of complex hosted services across the globe.

After receiving my Isle of Wight passport, I relished the opportunity to learn about the EPoS industry at ICRTouch. I quickly gained an understanding of till systems before being tasked with helping our Partners and ensuring they have all the tools necessary to help promote and sell our products within the marketplace.

I now help forge the business processes around the technology to ensure we meet customer expectations and that our brand is available through the Partner network.

matt.jpgDarren Gough - Head of ICRTouch Partner Support

I have been repairing and programming tills and EPoS systems for almost 28 years. Throughout the years my work with ICRTouch has consisted of installing, programming and selling TouchPoint since its early days.

It has been fun and exciting to see the ICRTouch products develop and new products introduced. I now hold the responsibility for our team of expert support technicians, that support the entire ICRTouch product range for our global Partner Network. Our team ensures that our Partner Network can provide a reliable setup and a streamlined business operation for all end users of ICRTouch software.