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One comforting thing about dealing with ICR is, that any "sensible" feature requests are taken seriously and, your confident that it's going to arrive somewhen ! smiley

Mark, BS Systems

How to buy an ICRTouch EPoS System

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To discuss your requirements or find a reseller, call us on 08000 309 109 or +44 (0)1983 646150, or contact us via our web contact form. If you are looking for an authorised ICRTouch partner in your area, try our Reseller Map with Postcode Search

You've had a look through our website, perhaps seen an advert or 2 in some of the trade magazines, or maybe you've had a brochure land on your door step and now you're ready to move your decision on to the next level - whether that be looking to make a purchase or simply looking to have a hands-on demonstration of an ICRTouch EPoS System at your premises.

If this is the case then, not are you incredibly wise but you are also very much in luck; ICRTouch EPoS Software products are probably the most widely adopted product of it's kind in the UK Marketplace. 

It's very certain that some or if not all of the EPoS Suppliers in your local area will already be a trained ICRTouch reseller.  If you already have a till or an EPoS System and are happy with the service that they have been providing you then you could start by asking them. 

If you would like us to recommend you a suitable reseller based on your location and requirements or if you require national coverage then either fill in the our contact us form or give our sales dept a call on our main office number +44 (0)1983 646150

All ICRTouch resellers carry full demonstration systems in stock and will be able to provide expert advice on exactly what components will be best suited to you and your business.