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When offered the change to ICRtouch I decided to go with it. The cost of this exercise was inexpensive as the hardware was fully compatible with ICRtouch. I have also added a hand held device on a tablet which we use to take orders at the table. This has meant greater efficiency to use as we only have two terminals. All in all the move has been very positive

Frederic Lambert - La Pesa Trattoria Italian Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

OPTIONS Restaurant - installation by Pilot One

OPTIONSlogo copy.jpg

In 2011 Pilot One installed ICRTouch software in the famous OPTIONS Restaurant & Bar at the World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. Pilot One kitted out the busy restaurant with ICRTouch’s flagship product TouchPoint and its accompanying handheld software PocketTouch (now available on any android 2.2 or above).  

This allowed OPTIONS to meet their requirement of table tracking, check printing, as well as kitchen / bar orders. Rajiv Kumar of Pilot One Computer Systems said the ICRTouch software allowed for “Easy order taking from the tables using PocketTouch, fast and accurate checks.”

Pilot One has been using ICRTouch since 2007, Rajiv recommends fully TouchPoint and PocketTouch explaining how the ICRTouch products have benefitted their business stating they’re “Easy to use and train,” and allow for “accuracy of sales reports.”

 Options Restaurant, Dubai